※To reach the 49F, procees to the bank of elevators located in the rear of
  the entrance floor on the right.

Hibiya Line:Roppngi Station (3 minute walk, directly connected to concourse)
Oedo Line:Roppongi Station(6 minute walk)
Oedo Line:Azabu-Juban Station(9minute walk)
Nanboku Line:Azabu-Juban Station(10minute walk)
Chiyoda Line:Nogizaka Station(12minute walk)
Coming from the Hibiya Line (Roppongi Dori)
1. Enter the concourse directly from Roppongi Station, walk toward Metro Hat.
If arriving via Roppongi Dori, take stairs to Metro Hat.
2. Pass through the Objet Plaza(66 Plaza),and fllow the signs to Academyhills.
Coming from Roppongi Keyakizaka
1. Take Roppongi Hills Arena stairs or escalator to Hillside 1F.
2. Take escalator to 2F.
3. Turn right, then walk straight ahead.
City Bus RH01:Shibuya-Roppongi Hills(※Direct shuttle)
City Bus 01Return:Shibuya-Roppongi Hills(Get off at Roppongi Hills stop)
City Bus 01:Shibuya-Shimbashi(Get off at Roppongi-Rokuchome stop)
City Bus 88:Shibuya-Shimbashi North Exite(Get off at Roppongi-Rokuchome stop)
Bus Stop for City Bus 01 or 88
※Get off at the Roppongi-Rokuchome(Roppongi Dori)stop.

Bus Stop for RH01 or City Bus 01Return
※Get off at the Roppongi Hills(Mori Tower 1F)stop.
When coming from Roppongi Dori,please use the entrance below the tunnel on the Kanjo Route 3 side.
When coming from Azabu Juban or TV Asahi Dori, please use the entrance on the Roppongi Keyakizaka Dori side.